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Luxury and nature bottled together

We combine a fusion of modalities, including western herbalism, aromatherapy, and modern science to create topicals that heal the skin without the use of toxic preservatives of chemicals. Our remedies work synergistically to heal our mind, body, and skin in the following ways:
  • Each bottle is handmade fresh, eliminating the need for toxic microbiome and hormone-disrupting preservatives.
  • More powerful results delivered through a three-week infusion process that maintains whole-plant phytonutrients at their highest integrity, with the added benefit of nervous system calming aromatherapy.
  • Our blends are adjusted seasonally to create more targeted and effective solutions. 


We are small, woman-owned business; we put thought and care into every decision we make from sustainable packaging, to regenerative farms and reciprocity with the farmers who harvest our botanicals. The owner, Lauren, receives all emails from customers and replies personally. We take your feedback to heart and appreciate you helping us build an amazing brand.

Photo credits: Many of the photos on my website are of Islesboro and the surrounding coastline, taken by Caitlin Rhea Spaulding, a dear and talented neighbor. 


About Lauren Janney

"Overloaded with toxins, burnout, and fatigue, I left the corporate world for an island in Maine, with a host of autoimmune, endocrine, and gut disorders.

I began making my own natural skincare because my body could no longer process preservatives or chemicals in found in most skincare products. Working within the laws governing the natural world forced me to slow down, release control, and trust my intuition. I discovered a rare luxury that today's traditional skincare overlooks, crafted with patience, and quality, fresh botanicals that yield more effective results. 

It's with the goal of sharing nature's luxury and power to heal that I created Dark Harbor Skincare."

- Lauren Janney
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