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Performance-driven skincare from nature

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Like farm-fresh produce, each bottle is handmade fresh, eliminating the need for microbiome and hormone-disrupting preservatives.
More powerful results delivered through a three-week infusion process that maintains whole-plant phytonutrients at their highest integrity.
Because our skin's needs change seasonally, our blends are adjusted to create more targeted and effective solutions. 

Our Story: We shouldn't have to compromise health for results

Unwilling to compromise her health for results, our Founder, Lauren Janney, created luxurious, high performing skincare without the toxic ingredients. Every batch is hand-crafted fresh, with seasonal botanicals, through a three-week infusion process. Because where's the luxury in using products potentially harmful to our hormones and our microbiome? 


Emily, ME

“The smell of this face oil is a dream! I love putting it on my face after washing in the morning and at night. My skin feels and looks amazing! I can't wait to see what you come up with next."

Blaire, OK

This face oil not only smells clean and wonderful it absorbs perfectly!
5 stars!

Tony, MO

I really like that the Pine and Plum oil helps keep my skin in great shape. Being a male over the age of 60, it helps retain my skins moisture.


Made with Love from Islesboro

We handcraft these remedies on an island off the coast of Maine. Sharing the healing benefits of fresh, slow, and seasonal skincare that cannot be duplicated through traditional skincare practices.

With Love,
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